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Community Rules and Guidelines


The DSNews.com Community, including the forums and article comments sections, are designed to serve as a hub for sharing ideas, responses, questions, strategies, and general interaction related to the greater servicing industry, and your posts are welcome and encouraged.

  1. The use of profanity, racism, trolling, harassment, attacks on character, or other inappropriate or discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited, and their use will result in an immediate warning, and may result in permanent account deletion for offending parties.
  2. If a comment or thread becomes personal or heated towards a user, moderator, staff member, or industry organization, the offending comment and/or thread will be locked/removed. Further actions may be taken depending on user behavior.
  3. Topics must be created in their proper forum. If the appropriate sub-forum does not currently exist, topics should be posted in the General Discussion forum. (More sub-forums will be added in the future as necessary.)
  4. Self-promotion is not allowed on the forums. For clarification, see the section below titled A Note on Self Promotion.
  5. Solicitations, malware, unwarranted/repeated attacks on companies and/or individuals and topics/comments unrelated to industry matters are prohibited, and may result in user restrictions/account deletion for offending parties, dependent on the frequency of the posts.
  6. Repeated violation of forum rules can result in user probation and/or account deletion.

Moderators review all posts, and topics may be moved if originally posted in improper forums.

Moderators maintain the right to lock/remove threads if the subject matter violates any of the above forum rules.

If you would like to report a user in violation of these rules, please contact our moderators and we will review as necessary.


The Insider Forum is available exclusively to DSNews.com Insiders, as well as DSNews.com contributors, staff, and verified industry experts. For further information on Insider access, click here.

A Note on Self-Promotion

You must not use the forums, comments or any contact forms on DSNews.com for unsolicited advertising of your items or any other conduct that could be considered spamming. Spamming could result in restricted access to the forums and account disablement.

We consider the following to be self-promotion:

  • Posting links to your own business (excludes links in user profile)
  • Posting links to your social media channels on the forums and/or article comments
  • Posting links to or promoting competitors or outside services

If you've created a specialty service or app specifically for community use and would like to post it on the forums, please contact us first at Editor@DSNews.com.

Linking to Social Media or personal websites: You are permitted to link to your social media and industry websites via your own profile pages. However, please refrain from posting requests for followers via our forums or article comments. Anything such as an invitation or alternative service associated with your social media links will be considered self-promotion and lead to thread deletion.

If you have any doubts about a link that you wish to share, feel free to contact the community team and ask, providing specifics as applicable. We’ll be happy to help.

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