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John Tee is a writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. A Texas native, he is a graduate of Texas A&M University and spent four years in West Texas working as a copy editor for the Midland Reporter-Telegram before relocating to the DFW Metroplex while also contributing to FanSided.com.

Construction of Large Homes Drops

While 2015 saw the most growth in the construction of 5,000+ square foot homes since the housing bubble, 2016 saw a significant drop-off. We analyze what this means for the national housing market.

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The Long Road to Consensus on Tax Reform & the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Senate Republicans on Thursday released their version of a overhaul plan while House Republicans on the Committee on Ways and Means advanced their reform bill that was initially announced last week to the House floor. The House and Senate must come in line with their tax visions to create one uniform plan to pass through Congress.

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