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Echoes of the Great Recession


Home lending in some areas of Cleveland Fed’s region has not yet fully recovered from the housing crisis. Here are the factors that are still impacting housing in this area.

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What to Expect in 2019

Will mortgage rates remain stable leading to an increased number of homeowners? A report looks at various factors that will shape the real estate industry in 2019.

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10 Best and Worst Metros for Homebuyers

Click through to learn which city scores top marks on the affordability scale for first-time homebuyers. Hint: West isn’t the right direction for them.

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Examining Connections Between Wildfires and Fraud

How do natural disasters alter the rate of defect risk? A report examines the frequency of defects, fraudulence, and misrepresentation in mortgage loan applications.

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The Week Ahead: Gauging the FHA’s Performance

A hearing by the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday will look at the FHA's performance in 2018 and its plans for the next year. See what else is in store in The Week Ahead.

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Looking for Bipartisan Solutions

500 days

As the new members to the Congress settle in after the midterm elections, here’s how both parties can work together to solve the current challenges in the housing market.

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Hot and Cold

While some U.S. markets are cooling off, other areas continue to experience a steep increase in prices. A detailed look at the ups and downs in the housing market.

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