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Loss Mitigation

Home Sale Profits Rebound in Q2

Following three quarters of decline, ATTOM reports that home investment returns rose in Q2, led by a springtime surge in buyer demand, pushing seller profits back up to nearly their highest level recorded in the past decade.

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Keeping Afloat

MortgagePoint speaks with mortgage servicing execs from BOK Financial, Carrington, the NMSA, PHH Mortgage Corporation, and Servbank about the unusual times and unusual opportunities the industry faces midway through 2023.

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Measuring the Resiliency of the U.S. Housing Market

Taylor Marr, Deputy Chief Economist for Redfin, recently sat down with MortgagePoint to discuss recent migration trends, the direction of the market, and much more. Click through to hear his insights on the state of the nation’s housing landscape.

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Using Mortgage Reserves to Help Narrow the Black-White Homeownership Gap

New research from FHLBank San Francisco and the Urban Institute investigates ways to reduce mortgage default risk by utilizing mortgage reserve accounts that could help homeowners overcome temporary hardships, which would mainly benefit Black families, who are more than twice as likely as white families to lose their home to foreclosure.

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Preparing for the Next REO Spike

The Five Star Institute has joined forces with the National REO Brokers Association to dissect how to prepare for an increase in REO volumes, with topics ranging from streamlining operations to managing compliance and public perception.

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Overcoming Industry Headwinds

An upcoming Five Star Institute Webinar will delve into the landscape of the mortgage industry over the next 12 months, including a possible rise in home equity loans, a decrease in savings, increased credit card usage, and overall consumer weariness, among other topics.

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