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Are You Ready for TILA-RESPA?

Here are the Top Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Today. This select print feature originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of MReport magazine.

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Back to the Future

Lenders who put eMortgages and eClosings on the back burner in 2008 find themselves racing into the future, where electronic mortgage processing is no longer a “have” but a “must.”

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How Lenders can Tailor their Marketing Toward Tech-Savvy Homebuyers


In a market cycle where the purchase loan is king and prospects are few, lenders must tailor their marketing strategies toward tech-savvy homebuyers who'd prefer to work through the process themselves. The old adage "fish where the fish are" has never been truer. But now the fish—so to speak—have gone digital.

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The GSEs Under Siege

It has never been more en vogue to be a critic of the GSEs. From politicians to private citizens to watchdogs within the federal government, if you want to score political points or push an agenda, calling for an end to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or just castigating the conservatorship itself as somehow unfair is a popular way to get there.

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Riding the Verification Waves in a QM and Non-QM Sea

The subprime meltdown was like a waterspout on the ocean—breaking masts and sending ships crashing onto the rocks. When the winds finally settled, changes were instituted to protect consumers who ventured into mortgage waters and also to protect communities from housing bubbles that burst and could lead to waves of foreclosures.

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Rethinking Declined and ‘Almost There’ Mortgage Applicants

what happens when your new mortgage applicant gets declined for the loan they want? Is that money spent getting them to contact you wasted? Do you send them packing? Contributors Jim Ryan and Greg Holmes explore other possibilities for turning "almost there" applicants into happy homeowners.

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Staying in Business with New Regulations

Mortgage New regulations

With all the new rules that have come down—and still have yet to come—many lenders have found themselves lost in uncharted territory. In a special piece for MReport, Indecomm's Judy Wheatley breaks the rules down piece to piece in a comprehensive exploration of the new mortgage world.

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