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We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

It might be old hat to say that women have come a long way in the workforce in the past half-century, but it's true. For its special August issue, MReport explored the ascent of women in the workplace, putting a spotlight on just a few of those who have made their way up the ladder.

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The Dichotomy of Prudent Lending and Credit Availability

In the post-crisis era, lenders face the challenge of striking a delicate balance between judicious lending practices and access to financing for creditworthy consumers. The deluge of mortgage defaults and foreclosures that has plagued the industry over the past half decade was set into motion by a subprime mortgage crisis characterized by lax lending standards, easy credit, and higher-risk mortgage products.

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Is Automated Appraisal Analysis the Right Next Step?

Appraisal Automation

In the midst of trying to maintain workflow with a smaller staff, there remains an increasing focus on effective appraisal analysis. Regulatory requirements, investor demands, corporate management, and now disclosure to the borrower have elevated the collateral analysis to the same level of scrutiny as financial analysis. Fortunately, great progress has been made in automated tools and services for appraisal analysis.

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Generation Wait it Out

As of the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, the homeownership rate among those under 25 was 36.8 percent, according to the Census Bureau—only a little more than half the national rate of 65.2 percent. Compare that to as recently as 2008, when the rate among young adults was at or above 41 percent. Generation Y remains, as ever, a difficult group to nail down.

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Piecing It Together

 Originally appeared in the print edition of TheMReport magazine. Industry executives chime in on creating and maintaining a successful lending shop. By Sandra Lane There have always been basic rules ...

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Identify, Predict, and Prevent

Originally appeared in print edition of TheMReport magazine.  Employing this three-fold precautionary measure will help minimize consumer bankruptcy risk. By Rosie Biundo, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Equifax ...

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