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The Week Ahead: Spotlight on Housing Trends

On Monday, the American Enterprise Institute [1] (AEI) will brief the industry on its data on housing market indicators [2]. The report is based on a data set that combines national coverage with in-depth data for metro areas and price tiers. According to AEI, this allows for detailed analysis regarding the current house price boom, now entering its seventh year, and how it has been driven by two punchbowls—one monetary and the other credit leverage.

The analysis shows an increasing bifurcation of market conditions based on geography, home price tiers, month’s inventory, and access to leverage. The briefing will also include data from its National Mortgage Purchase Risk Index which continued to increase in September 2018.

Key takeaways from this briefing will include a look at the national home price boom, purchase transactions in the most recent quarter, and an analysis of the market by price tier and metro area.

Here's what else is happening in the week ahead: