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DS5: Preserving Property Amid a Pandemic

In this week’s episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, Joe Iafigliola, CFO of Safeguard Properties, discussed how Safeguard has adjusted to the challenges of the past year, and what he expects the property preservation sector to look like in coming years.

"The biggest challenge we're facing is, how do you forecast or react to the amount of work you're having in a given community?" he says. "We have to react specifically to situations and that's what we've been focusing on."

Iafigliola goes on to detail some of the ways his company responded to the pandemic and its fallout by updating processes, offering sanitization services, for example, and providing various levels of support so vendors (who were not considered "essential workers" during the early lockdowns) could continue to do their jobs.

He added that some 95% of his staff is working from home and, he says, "I honestly don't know if we'll ever fully come back."

Learn more about how Safeguard is addressing the industry changes associated with the pandemic and his expectations for the year ahead in the below DS5 interview: