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Agents Share Key Bidding-War Strategies

Redfin agents, in a new report [1], have shared their tips and tricks in helping homebuyers come out on top in today’s ever-competitive housing market.

Whether it be seeking out a new home to accommodate working remotely, or simply buyers taking advantage of record-low rates, demand continues to outweigh supply, resulting in bidding wars for these precious commodities nationwide.

“It’s the best and the worst time to buy,” said Faith Floyd [2], a Redfin real estate agent in Houston, in the report. “It’s the best time because mortgage rates are so low, and it’s the worst time because everybody wants to take advantage of low mortgage rates.”

To lend a hand to prospective home buyers, Redfin agents shared the following tips to emerging victorious in the event of a bidding war:

As for sellers, Redfin agents felt the following tips were beneficial:

Sarah Webb [3], a Detroit-based Redfin agent, said, “When offers are really close, decide what your biggest motivation is for selling your home, and choose the offer that best accomplishes that goal.”

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