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DS5: A Proactive Approach to Regulatory Compliance

In a new episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, Jesse Schwab, Chief Risk Officer at Bell Bank, discusses the priorities he’s focused on as his company approaches the $10 billion asset threshold.

In terms of compliance, he says, "The bigger you get, the more diverse you get geographically from a product set, and that changes the risk profile of the bank, operationally and in what you need to be prepared to address."

Before his work in the banking field, Schwab was a private practice attorney focusing on consumer protection and bankruptcy matters; he held roles with both the Colorado Office of the State Auditor and the Chile Public Prosecutor’s Office.

He also lends this expertise to a discussion about the regulatory landscape under the new presidential administration.

He adds that the focus on equality and fair-lending enforcement actions will be significant in 2021. Hear more about it in the clip below.