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Three Housing Trends for 2019

In this video spotlight, Mat Ishbia, President and CEO of UWM speaks about the three key trends that will shape the housing market for buyers, borrower, and brokers in the months ahead.

Firstly, he pointed out that housing values will continue to rise but at a slower pace. Stressing on the fact that data gathered does not in any way point to a decline, Ishbia stated that values are forecasted to increase by 2-3 percent compared to 5-6 percent in the past couple of years.

Secondly, there is a big opportunity for brokers. Broker market share hit a 9-year high during the past year—a trend that has not been experienced by the market since 2010. In 2019, the market share for brokers will increase to 17-20 percent and even higher in 2020, according to Ishbia. He indicated that a lot of people are shifting as consumers and loan officers are being educated.

Thirdly, Ishbia talked about Freddie Mac’s new purchase tool for buyers in America— a program that assists in finding down payment including all down payment assistance programs across the nation.

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