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Five Star Fintech Summit Charts Housing’s Future Path

With the 2018 Five Star Single-Family Rental Summit [1] wrapping up on Wednesday afternoon, the next big Five Star event followed close on its heels—the inaugural Five Star Fintech Summit.

Convening inside the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, the first Five Star Fintech Summit brings together professionals from two diverse worlds that are overlapping more and more—the housing industry and the tech world. Together, the Fintech Summit attendees will dive into a full day of curriculum covering the technologies that are poised to reshape countless industries and to discover how those technologies can evolve mortgage and housing to the next level.

From cryptocurrencies to big data, from blockchain to machine learning, the Fintech Summit is blending TED Talk-style presentations with small panels emphasizing audience interaction to facilitate discussions of how the industry is changing, and how companies can ride that wave to success, rather than being drowned by it.

"It’s a unique time in our industry and we stand on the cusp of a fundamental change in the way business is conducted and organizations relate to their consumer base," said Five Star Institute [2] President and CEO Ed Delgado. "Today's conversations are monumentally important because they represent an opportunity for the industry to grow deeper in its understanding and take affirmative steps to integrate emerging technology capabilities into procedures and product offerings to better serve and educate its customers."

After an early breakfast at 8:00 a.m., Thursday's panels will kick off with a focus on cryptocurrency—what it is, whether it lives up to the hype, and how it could impact the industry in 2018 and the years to come. There are already stories of people selling homes and asking for payment in Bitcoin, but could this be a true trend in the future or just a passing fad?

After the cryptocurrencies panels, the discussion will turn to blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but which has the potential to offer the industry so much more. What is this “distributed ledger” and how will it transform recordkeeping, title, and more?

After lunch, the focus will shift to big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. From managing assets to assessing risks to sifting through the mountains of data that are a huge part of the industry, automating these processes can help streamline processes, decrease costs, and minimize errors. The Fintech Summit’s afternoon panels will explore where things are now, and where they’re headed.

For more information about the Five Star Fintech Summit, click here [3].