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Lodasoft Integrates With Optimal Blue PPE

Lodasoft [1] has announced it has integrated with the Optimal Blue PPE [2] engine, offered by Black Knight [3]. The new integration enables mortgage lenders to deliver the Optimal Blue PPE pricing workflows into Lodasoft’s platform, allowing lenders to automate pipeline management and loan searches, as well as to price loans in real-time for consumers and originators.

“Black Knight is proud to work with technology-forward providers, such as Lodasoft, that are committed to delivering accurate product and pricing to all relevant access points within the loan life cycle,” said Scott Happ, President of Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies [4]. “By making the highly accurate Optimal Blue PPE more widely available, we are able to help more users price loans, while better supporting borrower expectations.”

Lodasoft sits parallel to mortgage lenders’ current processes and systems, while eliminating redundancies to provide users with familiarity. Lodasoft's configurable engine offers mortgage professionals the ability to simplify the process.

“Lodasoft strives to make lenders understand how to make their loan process more efficient, scalable and profitable–and then we provide the tools to do so,” said Adam Batayeh, President of Lodasoft. “Through our integration with the Optimal Blue PPE, we are building onto our existing platform to further reduce friction for borrowers and lenders. We look forward to the tremendous value this will provide our clients.”