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The Week Ahead: Focus on Housing Market Investors

On Thursday, the Five Star FORCE [1] will host a webinar on financing options for housing market investors at noon CDT.

The webinar titled, "Connecting the Dots: Turn Over Inventory Faster with Private Lending" [2] and presented by RCN Capital [3] will dwell on how establishing a relationship with a private lender can become a highly effective way to support the investor clients that are most likely to acquire an REO asset, while generating extra revenue in the process for the REO agent.

While working with real estate investors is often seen as the easiest way to sell off REO assets, many agents get stuck with non-performing assets on their balance sheets when they can't opt for traditional financing methods. This makes it imperative for dealers to have more than one financing option for clients who invest in single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and multifamily properties if they want to grow their business.

Register here [2] to learn from experts in investor lending and REO assets on these challenges can be addressed during the hour-long webinar which featuring leaders from

Here's what else is happening in the week ahead: