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MReport’s 2019 Top 25 Companies in Mortgage and Servicing

Today’s workforce is a much different place than it was 20 years ago. Employees have new expectations, employers have to adapt to changing demographics, and technology plays a much larger role than ever before. With that in mind, MReport released its 2019 list of the Top 25 Companies in Mortgage and Servicing.  

These companies, nominated by the team members who work within these organizations day in and day out, are divided into five categories—Legal, Lender/Servicer, Service Provider, Tech Provider, and Women- or Minority-Owned/Operated.

“We’ve always thought MCS was a great place to work, but it’s wonderful to have our people and our company culture recognized by MReport,” said Caroline Reaves, CEO of Mortgage Contracting Services. 

Lori Eshoo, Executive, Commercial Operations, CoreLogic, also said her team was proud to be recognized by MReport.

“Providing our employees with the tools and benefits they need to succeed inside and outside of the office is our priority, and this honor proves that CoreLogic is leading by example,” Eshoo said.

"The Wolf Firm prides itself in providing the finest legal representation to its clients and has always understood the importance of providing the best working environment for its team," said Krys Delk, Director of Operation, The Wolf Firm. "The Wolf Firm is therefore thrilled to be acknowledged in this manner.

Over the next week, we'll be running the full profiles for each of these Top 25 companies, which you can also read in the November digital edition of MReport, available now online [1]. Here are MReport’s 2019 Top 25 Companies in Mortgage and Servicing:



Service Provider

Tech Provider

Women- or Minority-Owned/Operated