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Yvette Gilmore: “Technology is an Enabler”

Yvette Gilmore, VP of Single-Family Servicer Relationship and Performance Management with Freddie Mac [1], was honored with the Community Leadership Award at the 2019 Keystone Awards, during the Five Star Conference and Expo Women in Housing Leadership Banquet. Gilmore spoke with DS News at the Conference and Expo about the low default environment and the importance of keeping lines of communication open.

Streamlining interaction with government partners means engaging with those partners, Gilmore notes.

"Engage us, communicate with us, let us know what issues are important to you, how you need to manage your book of business, how you're thinking about servicing not just today, but for the next three to 10 years," she said.

Additionally, Gilmore states that "technology is an enabler," noting that bad processes with great technology "is still not a win."

"You need to look first at the way you do your business, why you do your business that way, and the technology should then enable that business," Gilmore said.

Looking ahead to a possible recession, Gilmore reiterates the importance of communication. The industry should be open to communication not only with each other, but with the government, including Freddie Mac.