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Optimal Blue Launches Investor Pricing Insight

Optimal Blue, a division of Black Knight, Inc. announced the release of Investor Pricing Insight, a benchmarking tool that makes real-time pricing available to wholesale and correspondent mortgage investors on demand.

Leveraging a contributory model, rather than survey data, Investor Pricing Insight enables investors to instantly determine how their pricing and eligibility strategies compare to peer organizations and adjust approaches accordingly to operate more competitively.

"Investor Pricing Insight provides actionable, real-time price comparisons so investors can elevate pricing and eligibility strategies to be proactive instead of reactive," said Scott Happ, President of Optimal Blue. "Its unique contributory model gives investors access to actual, real-time competitor pricing data – not survey data based on periodic investor submissions. With Investor Pricing Insight, investors can eliminate the mystery of how their pricing stacks up to their peers, and in turn, compete more confidently."

Investor Pricing Insight is available to correspondent and wholesale investors that supply content to the Optimal Blue PPE – the mortgage industry's most widely used product, pricing, and eligibility engine. Investors can access competitive pricing information in real time and use it to establish or adjust their own loan pricing and programs.

Through the solution's contributory model, participant identities are disclosed on the report to provide the most relevant intelligence. Users have the flexibility to configure a scheduled, daily report of configured pricing scenarios, or to run individual scenarios through a live search tool. Additionally, historical spread data gives investors insight into how they are trending.

"Investor Pricing Insight makes it easy for investors to gauge their competitive position at any point in time with instant, valid data from the Optimal Blue PPE," said Happ. "In addition to helping investors judge whether they're pricing competitively, they can also discern non-pricing factors that may be impacting their performance and make any necessary changes to support their goals."

For more details on Investor Pricing Insight, click here.

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