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UWM Celebrates National Mortgage Brokers Day at NYSE


UWM Holdings Corporation [1], parent of United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) [1], commemorated “National Mortgage Brokers Day” on Wednesday by ringing the bell alongside Mortgage Brokers from across the country at the New York Stock Exchange. National Mortgage Brokers Day is an annual celebration of independent Mortgage Brokers across the country, celebrated each year in July.

Mat Ishbia [2], UWM President and CEO rang the bell alongside 13 independent Mortgage Brokers from across the country, with nearly 100 independent Mortgage Brokers in attendance.

“It was an extremely proud moment to see this incredible group gathered in such an iconic space to celebrate not only the daily impact they make on borrowers, but all mortgage brokers across America,” said Ishbia. “Today signifies another building block in our relentless efforts to educate consumers that mortgage brokers offer a faster, easier and more cost-effective mortgage.”

Headquartered in Pontiac, Michigan, UWM Holdings Corporation (UWM) is the publicly traded indirect parent of UWM. Founded in 1986, UWM is a wholesale mortgage and purchase originator with more than 9,000 dedicated team members.

Photo Credits: NYSE