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Raising a Family? Consider Buying a Home in These Top Cities

American families prioritize several aspects when choosing a location to raise a family, and according to WalletHub’s released 2017’s Best and Worst Places to Raise a Family report, those factors include affordability, health and safety, family fun, education, and childcare.

Using those dimensions, WalletHub’s analysts compared the most populated cities across the nation to develop its list. So which cities ranked as places for homebuyers to consider, and which should be avoided?

Topping the list as the best place to raise a family is Overland Park, Kansas, also earning the No.1 rank as the most affordable location in the U.S. The city also has one of the highest median family salaries, most affordable housing rates, and lowest percentage of families living below poverty level.

Following suit is Madison, Wisconsin, and Plano, Texas, which also ranked in the top five cities with the highest median family salary, as well as one of the lowest percentages of families living below the poverty level. The Texas city additionally classified as having one of the lowest divorce rates.

Completing the best five are Seattle, Washington, and Fremont, California. It seems surprising that a California state would make the top five cut, but as a city with one of the lowest divorce rates and lowest percentages of families living below poverty levels, it’s a location for homebuyers raising a family to consider.

Ranking as the worst city is Birmingham, Alabama, followed by Detroit, Michigan. With some of the highest violent crime rates per capita and highest divorce rates, these locations should be avoided.

Finishing the worst cities is Hialeah, Florida, which has one of the lowest median family salary levels. Trailed by, Shreveport, Louisiana, and San Bernardino, California.

Find out where other cities ranked by clicking here.

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