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OptifiNow Builds Custom Non-QM Integration With LoanScorecard

OptifiNow, a provider of custom CRM solutions for the mortgage lending industry, announced the release of an integration with LoanScorecard, a provider of non-agency automated underwriting systems. The integration enables wholesale lenders to provide fast and accurate scenario quotes to mortgage brokers in a high-volume call center sales process.

Oaktree Funding, a wholesale mortgage lender in Upland, California, is the first client to use the integration. Oaktree selected OptifiNow and LoanScorecard to build a custom process that allows call center sales agents to rapidly respond to inbound phone calls with loan scenario quotes. OptifiNow integrated their Support onDemand customer service module with LoanScorecard’s automated loan decision engine, making it easy for users to quickly enter a scenario and receive a product and pricing decision in the CRM. Product and pricing are emailed to the mortgage broker while speaking with the sales agent on the phone.

“OptifiNow and LoanScorecard created a process that fit perfectly with our wholesale call center model,” said Kris Martin, Co-CEO of Oaktree Mortgage. “When an agent picks up the call, a broker record pops up on their monitor and a scenario request is created with one click. A call can be completed in under four minutes, allowing our reps to respond to hundreds of requests per week.”

Martin knew that sending a product and price is not enough to generate a loan submission. After a loan decision has been sent, OptifiNow triggers an email and SMS nurture campaign to brokers, allowing Oaktree's sales agents to continue working with other brokers while the CRM performs follow-up with previous callers. Every scenario quote is tracked to the broker and the broker company, allowing Oaktree to run reports and identify broker trends.

“LoanScorecard provided us with a flexible API that made it easy to build a solution that satisfied Oaktree Funding’s sales model,” said John McGee, CEO of OptifiNow. “LoanScorecard’s engine is fast, so the experience of running a scenario in OptifiNow is seamless to the user which is paramount in a speed-to-lead environment.”

“Leaders like Oaktree are differentiating themselves by using technology to continually enhance the client experience they offer. Providing greater precision and clarity to their borrowers, like being able to immediately determine program eligibility and pricing decisions, ultimately allows brokers to deliver a more complete borrower experience,” said Allen Meigide, LoanScorecard Executive Director.

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