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Safeguard Properties Receives Partnership Award from Code Enforcement Agency

busineshandshake [1]Safeguard Properties [2], the largest mortgage field services company in the United States, received the inaugural public-private partnership award from the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) [3] at the AACE’s conference in Florida late last year.

The public-private partnership award recognized Ohio-based Safeguard Properties for its collaboration and contributions, which include many years of providing education and session presentations. Safeguard’s contributions to education include a first-of-its-kind training webinar on the mortgage servicing industry. The company also collaborated with AACE to increase awareness about the industry by producing marketing materials and including leadership at state and national conferences.

“Safeguard is honored to be presented with this award,” said Michael Halpern, Director of Community Initiatives for Safeguard Properties. “We value our partnership and will continue to work with AACE as a commitment to eliminate blight in neighborhoods across the country.”

In addition to receiving the AACE’s first-ever public-private partnership award, Safeguard offered eight scholarships to attend the AACE conference for the fifth year.

“Decreasing municipal budgets impact the feasibility of code officials being able to participate,” said Sherri Johnston, ambassador-at-large. “The scholarship program has opened the doors to continue education and develop the skill sets needed to serve their communities.”

The eight scholarship recipients were Keelah Allen-Smith, College Park, Maryland; Nathan Buxton, Jefferson County, Colorado; John Christophe, Austin, Texas; Jamilla Dewitt, DeKalb County, Georgia; Barry Humphries, Hueytown, Alabama; Sadie Norton, Vernal City, Utah; Jeff Posival, Irving, Texas; and Amrinder Singh, Reading, Pennsylvania.