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Sprout Unveils ‘BROKER AdvantEDGE’ Program to Help Mortgage Brokers

Sprout Mortgage [1], a nationwide force in non-QM residential lending, announced they are launching a new program to help brokers grow their business.

Sprout’s new “BROKER AdvantEDGE” program is a series of operational improvements that will help brokers enhance the borrower experience and expand their business. The program will continue to evolve over the balance of 2021 and beyond. The first phase of BROKER AdvantEDGE is available as of April 1 and streamlines fee management.

Using the new fee management feature of BROKER AdvantEDGE, brokers can gain increased accuracy by controlling data input, immediately access compliance results prior to loan submission, fill out fewer forms and worksheets, and preview loan estimates before submitting loans for disclosure.

“It’s time to rethink the loan estimate,” said Sprout EVP and COO, Nicholas Imbimbo. “BROKER AdvantEDGE emphasizes Sprout’s commitment to putting brokers in the driver’s seat to give them more control over their borrowers’ experience. The launch of our advanced fee management mechanism eliminates process steps and provides much greater visibility into what borrowers will see related to lender fees.”

Sprout's loan programs are accessible through many widely used mortgage product and pricing engines including Optimal Blue, Loan Sifter, EPPS LoanNEX, and Mortech. Full details are available to mortgage professionals through the Sprout Client Portal, while Sprout's easy-to-use iQualifi app provides scenario eligibility and pricing.