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Quicken Welcomes Casey Hurbis as Chief Marketing Officer

CaseyHurbisQuicken Loans [1] announced Casey Hurbis is joining the company as Chief Marketing Officer. Hurbis, recognized for re-introducing the FIAT brand in the U.S. after more than 25 years of absence, will take responsibility for all Quicken marketing, both online and off, and will manage Quicken’s home lending brand.

“Casey is someone who is not afraid to push the envelope,” said Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, praising Hurbis’ creativity. “We are confident he will take Quicken Loans’ leading national brand to the next level and beyond.”

“Our millions of clients and future clients will see Quicken Loans in creative and unexpected ways as Casey leads our tremendously talented marketing team to leverage our brand, technology, culture and award winning client service to record.”

In his role as North American Brand Communications and Advertising for FIAT, Hurbis created two Super Bowl commercials, branding and social media campaigns, and managed co-branding partnerships.

During his 24-year career, Hurbis has also held positions in consumer engagement, strategic planning, digital advertising, partnership development, and experimental marketing.

Hurbis received Ad Age’s “Marketer of the Year” in 2012.

“I am more than excited to forge new paths in how we tell our story and communicate with our clients and future homebuyers from coast to coast,” Hurbis said. “We are going to push the limits when it comes to creative and innovative marketing campaigns that integrate our digital and traditional strategies.”

Hurbis also expressed his enthusiasm about working for a company based in his home town of Detroit.

“I was born and raised in the Detroit area and throughout my career I have never had a chance to work in the city. I am thrilled to not only be working in the heart of the city, but for a company as distinctly Detroit as Quicken Loans,” he said.