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State Regulatory Content Added to New Platform

Connecticut-based Continuity [1], a provider of development and deployment of regulatory change management solutions for regulated financial institutions, announces the addition of state regulatory content to its industry leading RegAdvisor Pro platform. This new technology — RegAdvisor Pro: State — will address a shift in the market.

“With an increasing number of state legislatures and regulatory bodies becoming far more active in the oversight of financial institutions, we felt it was critical for our clients to have access to current state level content as a part of our overall technology offering,” said Mike Nicastro, Continuity’s CEO.

RegAdvisor Pro: State will be offered as an add-on module for Continuity’s RegAdvisor Pro product. Clients will be notified of regulatory changes for the states they subscribe, so they do not miss regulatory issuances. They will also manage state regulatory changes within the RegAdvisor Console, using the same tools as they have used for managing federal regulatory changes, eliminating the need to track and compile changes from multiple sources.

“There has been an interesting shift in market dynamics during the last year,” said David Bagley, Chief Revenue Officer of Continuity. “As such, we at Continuity have responded to this shift by investing in new technology that will enhance our existing customer experience and further reduce risk and compliance costs for financial institutions of all sizes.”

Like RegAdvisor Pro, the technology RegAdvisor Pro: State focuses on ease of use and access, explains Alexandra Ramin, Continuity’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

“We have incorporated the simple and consistent format into our new state regulatory technology, that our clients are accustomed to seeing in our RegAdvisor Pro product. Using the same format will also allow clients to generate consistent reporting for state and federal regulatory change management,” said Ramin.

“Continuity provides extensive automation for regulatory change management across financial institution charters nationwide and has evolved as the needs for such automation has evolved.  When asked about the future vision,” Nicastro said, “Continuity led the charge into the world of automated regulatory change management. We plan to continue by exploring new methods and tools to further automate the process.  Look for us to make investments both organically and through the acquisition of key strategic tools which further enhance a compliance officer’s ability to confidently execute their role.”