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a360inc Expands Invoice and Payment Technology to Title Industry

a360inc [1], a technology and outsourcing services provider in the real estate industry, announced the official release of iClearTitle, a new web-based invoice management software platform. iClearTitle is an advanced invoice management solution that simplifies and expedites the management and processing of high invoice volumes for title underwriters, agencies, and service providers—reducing processing time and related expenses.

“We are excited to announce the expansion of the iClear invoice management capabilities to the title industry. Our original product, iClearDefault, has been utilized by the nation’s top mortgage servicers as the standard in managing their invoice processing operations for decades,” said a360inc CEO Scott Brinkley. “With iClearTitle, we’ve expanded that value proposition—experience and knowledge—to the title industry and built a product that will transform the way title providers manage vendor invoice presentment, approval and payment.”

“iClearTitle is a solid example of how a360inc is expanding its technology and services footprint across the real estate/mortgage life-cycle,” says Jan Duke, a360inc COO. “We remain committed to developing solutions that solve the problems of our clients—iClearTitle is the first of several solution expansions we have planned over the next year.”

iClearTitle assists title service providers with improving the management and decisioning of high volumes of incoming invoices across a large network of abstractors and service providers by:

iClearTitle is available now with flexible implementation fees and transactional-based pricing.