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Auction.com Launches Platform to Enhance Ohio Foreclosure Sales

Auction.com [1] has announced its new online platform to execute mortgage foreclosure sales of Ohio properties in conjunction with Private Selling Officers (PSOs), which with the signing of Ohio House Bill 390 allows third-party sales to be conducted online.

According to the auction company, “With foreclosure sales now online in Ohio, it is possible for buyers to track whether a property is going to sale, ‘on hold’, or cancelled through email notifications. Sellers can expect their assets to gain greater visibility through Auction.com’s [1]massive marketplace, use of digital advertising network, search engine marketing, geographic marketing and other industry-leading marketing technologies.”

Headquartered in Irvine, California Auction.com is the nation’s largest online real estate transaction marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of bank-owned and foreclosure properties.

“Buyers gain confidence to bid when they have detailed insight into the asset and understand the process,” said Javid Jaberi, EVP of Operations for Auction.com [1]. “House Bill 390 enables buyers to view asset information from their own computer or mobile phone, enabling them to bid on assets completely online from the comfort of their homes or businesses. These resources enable faster transaction timelines, lower holding costs and increased numbers of potential bidders, better ensuring that assets are sold at market price.”