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Genworth’s New Solution Fulfills Lender Demand

Genworth Mortgage Insurance [1], an operating segment of Genworth Financial, Inc. [2] has launched GenRATE, a proprietary risk-based pricing engine providing lenders with a more granular approach to pricing for borrowers pursuing the dream of homeownership. The company said that with the introduction of GenRATE, lenders can opt-in to this proprietary pricing solution or choose from Genworth’s standard published rate card.

The new product is the result of market research and a thorough evaluation of customer needs, uncovering that certain segments of lenders have begun seeking more dynamic pricing solutions. GenRATE provides that solution, allowing Genworth to expand its value proposition to meet a broader range of customer needs.

“Demand for more dynamic pricing is growing, both in our industry and more broadly. Offering lenders the option of either rate card or risk-based pricing is the best way to show lenders that we understand and can continue to meet their evolving needs,” said Rohit Gupta, President and CEO, Genworth Mortgage Insurance. “Maintaining our standard rate card to complement GenRATE allows us to still offer the transparency and simplicity some lenders prefer while addressing other lenders’ shifting prioritization towards more dynamic pricing.”

GenRATE will be available to all lenders beginning December 10, 2018. Loan officers can obtain GenRATE MI quotes through their Loan Origination Systems, Optimal Blue, or Rate Express, Genworth MI said in a statement.

Genworth Financial, Inc. is a Fortune 500 insurance holding company that helps families achieve the dream of homeownership and address the financial challenges of aging through its positions in mortgage insurance and long-term care insurance. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Genworth traces its roots back to 1871 and became a public company in 2004.