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Cozy Offers Access to Data on 10M Properties with RentRange

RentRange [1], a market data and analytics provider for the housing industry, is now the data provider for Cozy [2], which provides property management software to more than 100,000 landlords.

With its proprietary algorithm, RentRange calculates rent estimates based on geography-based, market- and property-level analytics, taking into account historical and current trends.

Investors and landlords can use this data to make investment decisions and determine appropriate rent rates for individual properties.

“Real estate investing is becoming increasingly data-driven, making it easier than ever for property owners and landlords to pinpoint the optimal rental rate for an individual property,” said Wally Charnoff, CEO of RentRange Data Services.

Cozy’s property management software helps make property management more efficient for both landlords and tenants, and providing RentRange data in the software “will expand the role that technology plays by helping landlords become better informed about the local market conditions using detailed rental data,” Charnoff said.

In fact, property managers and investors using Cozy software will now have detailed data on more than 10 million investment properties in the United States.

They’ll be able to review rent estimates, rent benchmarks, estimated property vacancy rates, rental saturation, and other information to inform their investment and property management decisions.

“RentRange has established itself as the go-to source for address- and market-level data, and we are excited to be able to make their comprehensive and up-to-date information available to our landlord customer base,” said Gino Zahnd, CEO of Cozy.

RentRange is part of the Altisource family of businesses.