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HouseCanary Announces Collaboration With Google

HouseCanary, Inc., a provider of real estate insights and predictive analytics, recently announced its collaboration with Google Cloud Platform Commercial Datasets. House Canary will now power the residential real estate datasets for Google Cloud Platform.

“Making HouseCanary’s platform available in the cloud gives investors and consumers greater access to a vast amount of real estate data and analyses that they can act on in real time,” said Jeremy Sicklick, CEO of HouseCanary, “By joining the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, HouseCanary is expanding its services to help businesses of all sizes understand different real estate markets around the country and modernize how they make investment and lending decisions.”

This joint effort between HouseCanary and Google will provide industry professionals with trends, insights, and indices in nearly every MSA, zip code, and block in the country today and three years into the future. HouseCanary’s proprietary datasets are exclusively available on HouseCanary.com [1] and now available through Google.