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Closepin Launches eClosing Tool

Closepin [1] announced the launch of a tool which assists mortgage lenders in their efforts to conduct fully-digital closings. Closepin’s core business offers lenders automated compliance validation and wire instruction verification for mortgage-closing agents. With this new feature, Closepin empowers lenders to search for eClosing-enabled title agents.

“Lenders are looking for ways to offer digital closings to those customers that want them, but to do so requires an entire ecosystem of partners. One of the biggest challenges has been finding closing agent partners who are equipped to manage these transactions. Closepin now solves that for lenders,” said Ryan Peterson, EVP of Westcor Global, the creators of Closepin.

Freddie Mac has included a link to the Closepin search tool on one of its eMortgage pages to help Sellers find eClosing-enabled closing agents.

“Freddie Mac is constantly working to find ways to innovate and improve the mortgage lending process,” said Samuel E. Oliver III, VPt of Single-Family Customer Technologies. “One of the many ways we do this, is by addressing barriers to eMortgage adoption in our industry. Providing access to information and resources, like Closepin’s eClosing agent search tool, helps simplify and streamline the mortgage process for both lenders and their borrowers.”