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WMBC Showcases Logo

This month, the Women’s Mortgage Banking Collective [1] (WMBC) unveiled its new logo. This collective was formed in April 2018 to bring together women in all roles and levels in the mortgage banking community to educate, connect, and empower women, and was co-founded by Stacie Rankey and Toni Bramley.

“We knew what we were looking for in a group, connecting women was the foundation, but also having a speaker share her story and offer practical applications was key,” Rankey said. “And we knew what we wanted as women in the industry and hearing from women leaders and their path is encouraging and empowering, the format is casual, and everyone is welcome whether you live in Dallas/Fort Worth or you are in town for business,” Bramley added.

Rankey has over 18 years’ experience in mortgage banking. She is VP of Client Relations at Gerner & Kearns Law Firm serving Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. “I am so fortunate that Dave (Gerner) supports me in this effort and does not see male or female, but skills and expertise. The WMBC is mean to be a forum for women to share trial and successes in a male-dominated industry, we have to share our story to help others know that they are not alone.”

Bramley has over 20 years’ experience in mortgage banking and has expertise in client relations and business development. Bramley stated, “The mortgage industry is blessed with fantastic female leadership.  Our goal is to offer a hand and support to each other and promote and empower women across the industry.”

WMBC events are held the second Tuesday of the month at Lazy Dog in Addison from 5:30–8:00 p.m. Speakers to date have been Jill Helmers, Executive Consultant, Cheryl Travis Johnson, COO of VRM, and Kimberly Y. Evans, formerly of Fannie Mae, Bank of America, and President and CEO of Purposed Consulting. August’s speaker was Tamela Hartsfield, Senior Manager, Single Family Affordable Lending at Freddie Mac.