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Top 15 Fastest Growing Cities in America

Despite how the pandemic has taken a major economic toll on communities all over the country, some cities have continued to thrive. 

A recent analysis by wallethub.com shows that many cities, especially in the South, are booming in both population and economic growth this year. WalletHub analyzed 515 cities of various sizes across the country according to their jobs, economy, and sociodemographics to determine the fastest-growing cities. Each city was assigned a total score accounting for 17 metrics, such as population growth, job growth and increase in new businesses.

Of the top 15 fastest growing cities, eight of the cities with the largest increase in population from 2010 to 2019 were in Southern states and five were located in the West. Overall, Florida had the most cities on the top 15 list, totaling four cities. Texas had the second-highest count with three of the top 15 rapidly growing cities located in the state.

Here are some of the most rapidly growing U.S. cities of 2020:

1.Fort Myers, Florida - Total Score: 80.36

Fort Myers is ranked overall as the fastest growing city in the country when taking into account population growth, sociodemographic metrics, an increase in job opportunities, and economic growth. It is also the fastest-growing small city in the U.S. and is tied with multiple other cities for the highest economic growth.

2. Bend, Oregon - Total Score: 79.04

Bend, Oregon is ranked as the fastest-growing midsize city in the U.S. and is ranked in third place for “Jobs and Economy.”

3. Meridian, Idaho - Total Score: 78.8

Meridian is ranked first in “Sociodemographics” and is the second-fastest-growing midsize city in the U.S.

4. Milpitas, California - Total Score: 77.78

This is the second-fastest-growing city behind Fort Myers, Florida, and has the second-highest regional GDP growth.

5. Enterprise, Nevada - Total Score: 74.01

Enterprise is the third fastest-growing midsize city in the States. It is also tied with multiple other cities for the highest population growth.

6. Frisco, Texas - Total Score: 71.54

Also tied with numerous cities for the highest population growth, Frisco is also the fourth fastest-growing midsize city in the country.

7. Town ‘n’ Country, Florida - Total Score: 70.95

This Florida community is the third fastest-growing small city and is also ranked third in “Sociodemographics,” just behind Frisco.

8. Round Rock, Texas - Total Score: 70.72

Round Rock is the fifth fastest-growing midsize city and also fared fairly well in “Sociodemographics.”

9. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina - Total Score: 69.52

This is the fourth fastest-growing small city in the country.

10. Nampa, Idaho - Total Score: 69.13

Nampa takes eighth place in the “Jobs and Economics” category. It is tied in first place for the highest poverty rate decrease in American cities in 2020.

11. McKinney, Texas - Total Score: 69.04

McKinney is tied with multiple other cities for the highest population growth and highest job growth, just like nearby Frisco, Texas.

12. Henderson, Nevada - Total Score: 68.61

Hendderson is the fastest-growing large city in the United States.

13. Chino, California - Total Score: 68.56

Chino ranked well in “Sociodemographic” at number 17 in the category.

14. Cape Coral, Florida - Total Score: 68.08

Cape Coral ranked in fourth place in the “Jobs and Economics” category.

15. Porte Saint Lucie, Florida - Total Score: 67.92

Lastly, Porte Saint Lucie takes the second spot in “Jobs and Economics.”



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