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Carrington Finalizes Legal Agreement with AHMSI

""Carrington Capital Management, LLC,"":www.carringtoncap.com/ has finalized a legal agreement with ""American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc."":www.ahmsi3.com/ The transaction concludes a lawsuit filed by Carrington against AHMSI in 2009.


The terms of the settlement are confidential and no additional details were made available regarding the closure of the legal


matter. In an official statement from ""Carrington Holding Company, LLC"":www.carringtonhc.com/, the company noted that the recent deal ""resolves the disputes reflected in the action, along with any other disputes between the parties in the past.""

Commenting on the legal developments, Carrington's CEO, Bruce Rose, said, ""We look forward to a productive relationship with AHMSI going forward.""

Continuing his statements, Rose added, ""The market has changed dramatically over the past few years, and both companies have decided that we're better off working together than fighting past battles.""

Carrington is a subsidiary of Carrington Holding Co. Carrington Holding Co. is the parent company for the full portfolio of the ""Carrington Family of Companies"":www.carringtonhc.com/overview.aspx, which includes vertically integrated operating businesses that direct every aspect of single family assets. The Carrington family of companies encompasses investment and fund management and maintenance, residential mortgage special servicing and origination, property management and maintenance, and real estate sales and settlement services.