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Tech it Out: New Appraisal Compliance Partnership Announced

Tech leaders a la mode and ""CoreLogic"":http://www.corelogic.com/About-Us/Technology.aspx are teaming up. CoreLogic's ValuEdge platform will now connect with ""a la mode's"":http://www.alamode.com/?crcat=ppc&crsource=google_BetterPPC_a_la_mode_Products&crkw=a_la_mode_software-exm&gclid=CPjtgcz6vakCFUru7QodmnrKgg Mercury Network to facilitate ValuEdge's Native XML appraisal data.


CoreLogic's ValuEdge software targets streamlined appraisal process compliance, and the integrated plugin with a la mode will provide ""CoreLogic"":http://www.corelogic.com/ with additional quality control elements and advanced bundling for all reports.


Additionally, CoreLogic will now have access to a la mode's database of appraisers nationwide.

The completed appraisal will be available in both PDF and Native MISMO 2.6 XML format thanks to the Mercury Network's capabilities, and it will be delivered from the appraiser's desktop via ValuEdge, positioning ""CoreLogic"":http://www.corelogic.com/ for ease of compliance with the government-mandated Uniform Mortgage Data Program (UMDP).

However, the strongest advantage of the partnership between a la mode and CoreLogic may be the ability to connect with any appraiser, regardless of the software the appraiser is utilizing. Of the collaboration, Jennifer Miller, executive vice president of products for a la mode, said, ""CoreLogic has a progressive approach to quality assurance and data compliance that serves their clients very well.""

Echoing her positive words, Wes McDaniel, CoreLogic's chief appraiser for valuation, noted, ""This relationship gives our clients a huge advantage with accurate, expert collateral valuations that are in compliance with the evolving regulations and GSE requirements.""

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