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Guardian Goes with MortgageFlex

""MortgageFlex Systems, Inc."":http://www.mortgageflex.com/ has added a new client to its admirable roster, recently signing ""Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc."":http://www.guardianmortgageonline.com/ as a customer. Guardian plans to use MortgageFlex to enhance its unique requirements for origination processing.


Specializing in facilitating new home financing for families, Guardian needed a technology partner that could accommodate easy, speedy, safe, and streamlined communication with borrowers.

MortgageFlex's product helped achieve the company's goal of offering clients a platform in which the loan officer could begin the origination transaction, yet allow a borrower to complete the required applications at their leisure.


""With MortgageFlex, we will be able to respond to an application much faster than before. Accuracy is also improved as we don't need to re-enter application data into a different system to process the application. We conducted an in-depth due diligence review of all of the available origination systems and discovered that MortgageFlex had the only system that could satisfy our requirements,"" said Greg Sweet, senior vice president of Guardian.

Also influencing Guardian's choice was the advantage of remote capabilities available through MortgageFlex's program, as well as the companies' shared philosophy of open, transparent borrower relations.

Guardian exercised a thorough review and testing process to determine MortgageFlex's suitability, and the software's Microsoft .Net integration and restructured database confirmed the company's decision to select the technology.

Commenting on the partnership, MortgageFlex's vice president of business development, John McCrea, said, ""Customer satisfaction and responsive technology go hand-in-hand. It's very gratifying to see such a good fit for a partner's needs. We were happy to provide remote access demonstrations from Texas to our hosting center in Florida to illustrate the real-time display and transaction capabilities of our origination system.""

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