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FICO and Savvis Launch New Cloud-Based Service

""FICO"":http://www.fico.com/en/Pages/default.aspx and ""Savvis"":http://www.savvis.com/en-us/pages/home.aspx are teaming up to provide a new could-based technology service for lenders. The companies have joined forces to launch ""FICO Debt Manager"":http://www.fico.com/en/Products/DMApps/Pages/FICO-Debt-Manager-solution.aspx, a platform that will give users ""game-changing adaptive control capabilities"" for collection and recovery processes related to mortgages, secured and unsecured loans, and many different types of accounts.


Savvis, a ""CenturyLink"":www.centurylink.com/ company, has been selected to deliver the FICO Debt Manager through its data center services and the company's Symphony Dedicated Could. In an official statement, the entities noted that, ""FICO Debt Manager allows lenders of all sizes and portfolios to implement the solution with multiple


configuration options and work in public, private and hybrid cloud environments . . . . This means that lenders are now able to deploy the solution faster, cut collection costs, improve productivity and collect more from delinquent customers.""

Stuart Wells, chief technology officer for FICO, commented, ""The portfolio mix has changed for lenders and collection agencies, including length accounts stay in collections, increase in ""good"" customers who are delinquent, and the massive increase in debt volume, requiring even faster response and proper treatment of each account.

""Lenders and collection agencies need debt management solutions built with a modern architecture that can be deployed quickly in multiple environments including private, public and hybrid clouds. By working with Savvis, FICO is now offering our clients the flexibility and agility they need to improve collections and recovery results in this very challenging environment,"" added Stuart.

""The strategic agreement between Savvis and FICO delivers business value to both FICO and its customer base,"" stated Bill Fathers, president of Savvis. ""By pairing Savvis' enterprise-class cloud services with FICO's leading collection and recovery solution, FICO will have the secure, agile and scalable platform it needs to deliver fully integrated global solutions to lenders and collection agencies.""