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Florida Home with Infamous Past Lists for $1M

A home with a very dubious history has hit the market in Ocklawaha, Florida. The former residence of Kate ""Ma"" Barker - she's the mother of famous gangsters, the Barker brothers - has been listed for $1 million. The property, which Barker was renting under an assumed name at the time, was the site of her demise in 1935 when she was shot by police following a four-hour standoff.

According to ""Curbed"":http://curbed.com/archives/2012/08/28/public-enemy-ma-barker-was-gunned-down-in-this-house.php, the current sellers were the owners when the house was rented to Barker and her clan, and their preservation of the home reflects its history, including the retention of notorious features including bullet holes in walls and furniture. The website went on to note that Barker's connection to the 9.5-acre lakefront property has likely elevated the asking price.


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