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Investment Opportunities Open in Promising Real Estate Markets

rowofhomesEmerging real estates markets offer investors promising returns on increasing home prices, as foreclosure housing opportunities are nearly non-existent.

A report from HomeVestors and Local Market Monitor identified the top ten markets that are most attractive to investors during the third quarter.

Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Riverside, California, and San Diego, California were among some of the new markets mentioned on the 2015 Best Markets Top 10 List.

The list examines and ranks almost 300 markets by strong rental markets where home prices are likely to increase steadily over the next few years. This will result in better returns, since home bargains will be harder and harder to find.

"The boom in snapping up foreclosed properties is pretty much over,” said Ingo Winzer, president and founder of Local Market Monitor.

She continued, “Our Top 10 list consists of growing markets where higher home prices already signal more demand than supply, and where renters are at least a third of the local population. With the exception of Atlanta, where bargains still exist, home prices are pretty much aligned with local income."

The third-quarter 2015 Best Markets Top 10 list:

1. Orlando, Florida - the large and growing tourism industry provides plenty of lower-paying jobs.
2. Dallas, Texas - growing rapidly, with lots of jobs in business services and finance; many renters despite fairly modest home prices.
3. Riverside-San Bernardino, California - growing again after a big real estate recession.
4. Seattle, Washington - high home prices give many renters little choice; economy is doing very well despite a moribund manufacturing sector.
5. Austin, Texas - as with other Texas markets, not enough construction in the past decade; strong demand for rentals from government and university workers.
6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida - renewed growth in a market with a large retirement population and service providers.
7. Charlotte, North Carolina - the large banking and business services sectors provide ample medium-pay jobs; home prices are moderate but many prefer to rent.
8. Atlanta, Georgia - recovery from the large number of sub-prime foreclosures has produced more renters; some bargains can still be found.
9. San Diego, California - high (but not outrageous) home prices produce a large renter population; the large business services sector - with medium-pay jobs - provides growth.
10. San Antonio, Texas - increased tourism boosts demand for rentals.

"Real estate investment opportunity is widespread,” said Ken Channell, HomeVestors co-president. “There are locations with great potential from coast to coast, in the biggest markets and in smaller cities, if you evaluate carefully.”

About Author: Xhevrije West

Xhevrije West is a writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. She has worked for a number of publications including The Syracuse New Times, Dallas Flow Magazine, and Bellwethr Magazine. She completed her Bachelors at Alcorn State University and went on to complete her Masters at Syracuse University.

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