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Platinum Data Rolls Out Three-Tier Scoring for RealView Solution

""Platinum Data Solutions"":http://www.platdata.com/, a technology provider specializing in collateral evaluation and quality, has launched all-new upgraded scoring functionality for RealView, its configurable engine that processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance and completeness.


The new scoring function assigns each appraisal a numerical value ranging from 0 to 1,000, indicating the report's standing according to overall appraisal quality.

The upgrade also scores compliance, credibility, and complexity, checking appraisals against established guidelines and regulations, best practices, and market conditions, respectively.


""Many of our customers wanted deeper at-a-glance appraisal and property information, and tell us that Platinum is the only company to offer this type of time-saving, risk-reducing intelligence,"" said CEO Phil Huff. ""Fortunately, Platinum's technologies are built on a flexible rules-based platform, so we were able to act quickly to adapt to their needs.""

The three-tier scoring enhancement is the latest step in Platinum's initiative to stay ahead of the curve with what the company calls its ""zero-tolerance solutions"" for appraisals and mortgage data. Since 2012, the firm has performed ""qualitative scoring,"" ranking appraisal quality according to a low-medium-high scale.

""We have a technology 'dream team' here at Platinum, and we're serious about providing technologies with zero-tolerance for inaccuracies, intentional or not,"" Huff said. ""Our industry has access to an unprecedented amount of data, and technology is the key to turning that information into business intelligence. Platinum has over a decade of experience in valuation and quality analytics, and we're well positioned to continue pioneering technologies that solve the industry's most pressing issues.""


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