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Norcom Announces New Chief Compliance Attorney

As issues related to compliance regulations continue to escalate, Connecticut-based ""Norcom Mortgage"":https://www.norcom-usa.com/ is preparing to meet the challenges ahead by hiring accordingly.


The company recently announced the addition of Jeremy Potter, who will join Norcom as chief compliance attorney.


In his role for Norcom, Potter will handle all federal and state regulatory and compliance requirements. Serving as the company's chair of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau committee, Potter will also be responsible for overseeing internal compliance practices, adherence to rules contained in the Dodd-Frank Act, and maintaing all state licensing requirements on behalf of Norcom.

Prior to joining the company, Potter performed as a market analyst for research firm, ""INPUT Inc."":http://input-inc.com/ While part of INPUT's team, Potter published reports, hosted presentations, and was an active part of the organization's media operations.

Norcom will task Potter with representing the company through participation on the Mortgage Bankers Association's Regulatory Compliance Committee and two organizations serving as task forces for Dodd-Frank. Norcom, a residential mortgage lender operating primarily in New England, Florida, and most of the East Coast, offers a full range of loan products and is considered one of the region's leading mortgage providers for the residential sector.