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AmeriBid to Sell Medium Security Prison in 2013 Auction

In Bethany, Missouri, ""AmeriBid LLC"":http://www.ameribid.com/ is preparing to preside over the bank-ordered sale of a very unusual property--a medium security prison. Recently announcing plans for a sealed-bid auction in 2013, AmeriBid's regional director Don Gabriel put a positive spin on the proceedings, noting that the 14.56-acre spread was ""a great opportunity to own a multi-use property between Kansas City and Des Moines.""

However, Gabriel's comments did little to divert attention away from the offering's bizarre complexities; allowing for the transfer of the building's full complement of ""personal property"" to potential buyers, the auction includes ""all communications, alarm, surveillance, maintenance, computer and office equipment still on site, along with detention officer equipment, restraints, inmate garments, and bedding."" The auction of the Harrison County-based detention center is set to take place on January 30, 2013.


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