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Guardian Mortgage Adds New SVP of Correspondent Lending

Donna Greiner [1]

Donna Greiner

Guardian Mortgage [2]recently added Donna Greiner as SVP of Correspondent Lending in its Plano, Texas office.

Greiner's mortgage career includes over 25 years' experience in loan origination, affiliated business arrangements, multi-state lending, construction lending, and multi-state REO sales.

Greiner expressed that she is thrilled to be part of Guardian Mortgage and enjoys "being associated with a company that consistently demonstrates high standards and a commitment to quality, service and reputation."

She also noted that she intends to "provide the best customer service possible and by forming great relationships within the industry."

In line with Guardian Mortgage's values, her approach to serving her customers is simple, yet effective: "Be available, listen to the customer and take the extra step."

"I focus my time and attention on things I can control and build in downtime for recharging," Greiner said.