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NAMFS Updates Online Remediation Platform

Adding to an innovative new remediation platform it launched in May, the ""National Association of Field Mortgage Services"":http://www.namfs.org/ (NAMFS) announced key additions that propose to enhance the speed and ease with which field services providers and code enforcement officials try to remediate at-risk property violations.


According to a statement, ""NAMFS"":http://www.namfs.org/ made updates to ALLIANCE, which proffers its national members and code enforcement officers with an online communications system that exists to help resolve code-related issues and potential fines.

ALLIANCE's features include electronic forms, contact information, search capabilities, and the ability to designate property attributes and conditions.

""NAMFS"":http://www.namfs.org/ could not be reached for comment.

According to the association's Web site, code enforcement officers input code-related data into an ALLIANCE electronic form, which participating NAMFS members receive in real-time, following which users may contact an appropriate officer about the at-risk property or signify their lack of stake in the violation.

ALLIANCE aims to facilitate faster resolution of at-risk property violations by connecting field services providers and code enforcement officers.