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DataQuick Announces Improvements to AppraisalQ Interface

Out of San Diego, ""DataQuick"":http://www.dataquick.com/ announced improvements to the interface on its automated appraisal review solution, AppraisalQ.


""AppraisalQ offers the most comprehensive and efficient appraisal review solution on the market. With these enhancements, we're making the solution even easier to use,"" said DataQuick president John Walsh.

The improved interface gives professionals secure access to the AppraisalQ system, seamless appraisal upload capability, easy order tracking, and a delivery system designed to provide fast access to completed evaluations and review recommendations--all designed to provide more convenient access to the company's quality control solution.

""We constantly work with our customers to help improve how they evaluate collateral risk so they can make the right lending decisions,"" Walsh added. ""The interface enhancements to AppraisalQ are just the next step in those efforts, and we expect even more beneficial additions to the product in the near future.""


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