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Visionet Systems Integrates with LendingQB

computer-with-channelsVisionet Systems Inc., an automated document classification, indexing, and data extraction provider for the mortgage industry, recently announced it has completed an integration with loan origination system (LOS) provider LendingQB.

The integration enhances operational efficiency by seamlessly automating document management within the mortgage lending workflow.

Visionet Systems has over 20 years' experience in providing businesses with innovative solutions for electronic document processing and business process outsourcing services. Visionet's VisiLoanReview (VLR) platform is a solution for mortgage lenders that eliminates the manual splitting and indexing of documents that impedes the loan process.

"Lenders spend between 30 and 120 minutes combing through document packages on every loan file," said Arshad Masood, CEO of Visionet. "Our technology and services allow lenders to offload a cumbersome and tedious process and improve the efficiency and scalability of their organization."

The integration allows users of the LendingQB system to automatically push electronic documents to VLR for document processing, which splits document packages, indexes individual documents, and extracts data elements according to the needs of the LendingQB client. Visionet provides a white glove service which handles all exception processing, including those involving handwritten documents and borrower supplied correspondence. Each document is then mapped to lender-specific naming conventions and automatically inserts the documents back into the LendingQB loan file. Visionet's clients have reported efficiency gains of 30 percent or more using the VLR platform and services.

"We are very pleased to add Visionet's capabilities to our platform," said Binh Dang, President of LendingQB. "Our two companies have a shared goal of helping mortgage lenders become leaner and more effective organizations. The integration of VLR is truly synergistic because it merges our core capabilities and transforms the way that lenders work."

Visionet's Masood agreed. “Visionet is continually enhancing our capabilities for mortgage lenders, and we welcome opportunities to partner with leading LOS providers like LendingQB.  We look forward to providing LendingQB’s clients with the proven process efficiencies provided by our unmatched technology and people.”

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