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Mortgage Rates Fall to Four-Month Low

...“With borrowing costs setting an affordability ceiling for many buyers, home sales are dropping. In addition, as many homeowners rushed into summer ready to list their property and capture the...

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Home Price Growth Decelerates Sharply

...“clear driver” behind recent inventory increases is a decline in sales activity due to rising rates and the lowest levels of home affordability in nearly 40 years. Seasonally adjusted home...

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Q2 Experiences Steep Home Price Hikes

...home-mortgage rates that have surged this year. Average mortgage rates have nearly doubled from a year ago, reaching almost 6 percent for a 30-year fixed rate loan, making affordability a...

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Median Home Payment Numbers Stabilize in June

...in June. Homebuyer affordability increased slightly for Hispanic households, with the national PAPI decreasing from 155.2 in May to 154.9 in June. Homebuyer affordability increased slightly for White households, with...

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Survey: Lenders Tightening Budgets

...finding that lenders are cutting costs as originations dry up due to general affordability and interest rate constraints. This quarter's survey was completed by 210 senior lending executives in May...

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