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Price Increases Complicating the Homebuying Process

While the average U.S. state experienced more than a 3% increase in home prices last year, a new study from the New Jersey Real Estate Network revealed the states where prices rose the highest in 2023 and how it affected prospective homebuyers.

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Home Buying Power Falls

The path to homeownership is becoming increasingly challenging for Americans nationwide, but how much can potential homebuyers afford to spend on a home in today's market? A new Point2 study showed that the median home price is now twice what the average buyer can afford, posing even more financial barriers for those seeking the American Dream.

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How Do Younger Generations Feel About Homeownership?

Millennials and Gen Zers face many obstacles in their pursuit of the American Dream, including mortgage rates hitting a 23-year high. Click through to read what a new Chase survey reveals the challenges facing younger consumers and how they are shaping their attitudes towards homeownership.

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The American Dream—for Rent

Inflated home prices and rising interest rates are making renting more appealing to many Americans nationwide, as the construction of new build-to-rent homes hit a record in 2022, according to a new report from RentCafe.

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