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Report: Low Appraisals Not at Fault for Slow Housing Recovery

As home values have made a rapid ascent in the past few years, those on the sales side point to lagging appraisal models as a major hurdle to finalizing transactions. In a newly released report, however, FNC maintains that despite anecdotal reports, "there is no strong evidence that low appraisal valuations contributed to mortgages falling through."

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LRES Expands Sales Force to Meet Demand for AMCs

In response to the housing market's increasing demand for appraisal management companies (AMCs) and the growth of its own client base, California-based valuations firm LRES is expanding its sales division, the company announced.

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Is Automated Appraisal Analysis the Right Next Step?

Appraisal Automation

In the midst of trying to maintain workflow with a smaller staff, there remains an increasing focus on effective appraisal analysis. Regulatory requirements, investor demands, corporate management, and now disclosure to the borrower have elevated the collateral analysis to the same level of scrutiny as financial analysis. Fortunately, great progress has been made in automated tools and services for appraisal analysis.

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LRES CEO: Sound Transactions Depend on Sound Data

In an interview with host Louis Amaya for "Mortgage Markets Today," LRES founder and CEO Roger Beane asserted that even though there have been many changes in the real estate and mortgage banking industry, appraisers will always be in demand: "Our customers have told us they are still very interested in having the signature from a licensed appraiser attesting to the value."

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