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A Win-Win for Borrowers and the FHA

The recent MMI Fund Annual Report published by the FHA highlighted how the CWCOT program was saving money for the agency and borrowers. Five Star Institute’s President and CEO, Ed Delgado makes a case for why certain tweaks to the FHA’s CWCOT program would benefit homeowners and the agency.

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Appraising Appraiser Diversity

With the appraiser workforce aging up and notably nondiverse, an upcoming initiative from Altisource, Fannie Mae, and the National Urban League is working to bring in new blood and fresh perspectives. Editor's Note: This feature originally appeared in the September issue of MReport, out now.

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Homeowners’ Value Perception Takes a Tumble

After seizing positive numbers for seven months straight, the disparity between an appraised value and homeowners’ expectations of the said value expanded in January, according to Quicken Loans’ National ...

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Homeowners, Appraisers Continue to Diverge

Homeowner estimates and appraised values continue diverge, with April marking the fifth consecutive month the gap between the two has widened. Appraised values were 1.9 percent lower than homeowner expectations for the month. Discrepancies were highest in the West.

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