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A Housing Market Update

The latest data on employment, Fannie Mae’s third-quarter results and Goldman Sachs’ mortgage settlement target are making the news. Here’s how these three seemingly disparate events are affecting the housing market.

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Average Mortgage Debt on the Rise

The consumer credit market showed an overall strong performance at the end of 2017, according to the Q4 Industry Insights Report published by TransUnion on Tuesday. According to ...

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The Spread of Bad Underwriting

Data from University Financial Associates shows that in the years leading up to the financial crisis in 2007, lenders sought after more and more ways to lend to marginal buyers.

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Private Insurance Policies Increase in October, Dollar Volume Slackens

Private mortgage insurers reported issuing more policies in October than in the month prior--but dollar volume decreased over the month, according to monthly numbers released by Mortgage Insurance Companies of America (MICA). Member companies represented in the trade group's statistics reported issuing 38,908 insurance certificates for borrowers seeking to buy or refinance a home in October. At the same time, dollar volume on insurance written throughout the month totaled $8.7 billion, the lowest amount since May 2012.

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Private Mortgage Insurance Production Slows in August

According to monthly statistics released by Mortgage Insurance Companies of America (MICA), member companies issued 46,051 policies in August, down from 50,575 in July. Activity was still higher than last year, though, when members issued 43,949 policies. The drop came despite an increase in applications received in July. Meanwhile, loan performance picked up after deteriorating for four straight months, with the ratio of cures to defaults rising more than 15 percentage points to 93.6 percent.

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MICA Reports Fewer Policies, Greater Dollar Volume in December

Private mortgage insurance activity saw a slight lift in December, according to Mortgage Insurance Companies of America's (MICA) monthly statistical report. Member companies wrote a combined $10.7 billion in primary new insurance on conventional loans in December, up from a reported $10.4 billion in November. Primary insurance in force was nearly $400.7 billion at the end of the year, with December marking the seventh consecutive month of increases.

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